50 HKP

A2 565
B 220
C 715
D 340
E 200
F 150
G 120
U 44
V Ø 25 H7
X 110-370
X1 0-15
Y 1250-1510


Press type
Manual toggle press
Installation height adjustable
110 mm - 370 mm
15 mm
Max. pressforce at lower dead center
55 kN
Lever operating force, allowed maximum
330 N
Location bore
Ø25 H7
Clamped piece
Removable clamped piece
Twist-free guide
Prism guide
Guide play-free adjustable
By adjustment gib
Hand lever position
Right 360° adjustable
Height adjustment guide unit
Fastening guide unit per screw
170 NM
Standard color
RAL 7035
184 kg


Standard press with enlarged throat

Standard press with enlarged installation height

Standard press without accessories


Precision depth adjustment PTE (adapter)

Centering plate with middle bore

Mechanical stroke counter

Clamping pin without collar

Clamping pin with collar

Sliding table

Heavy-duty sliding table, mechanical

Heavy-duty sliding table, mechanical with locking bolt

Clamping bracket

Clamping bracket, approx. H 160 x W 130 x H 58mm (only for stands with enlarged overhang)

Clamping bracket, approx. H 160 x W 130 x H 118mm (only for stands with enlarged overhang)

Unique to GECHTER
Play-free adjustable prism guide. The clamped piece can be removed forwards without damaging the clamping pin.

2x DIN 650 M10x12